About The OCSD


This website introduces you to the discipline of spiritual direction as we understand and teach it at The Ottawa Centre for Spiritual Direction [OCSD].

Spiritual direction asks individuals to explore their relationship with the Divine, and their relationship with “other,” whoever that “other” may be — partner, family, friend, stranger.

The OCSD program is designed to prepare people to offer spiritual direction to Jews and to those interested in Judaism, and to those interested in offering interfaith spiritual direction.

This program is suited to individuals who desire to

  • use Jewish texts in their own spiritual practice
  • use these texts in guiding the spiritual practices of others
  • gain knowledge of Jewish praxis – prayer, mitzvoth, and ritual
  • help people infuse their practice and praxis with meaning.

For information about the Spiritual Direction Program, click here

This program is unique because —

  • it uses Jewish texts and emphasizes “doing” rather than “being”
  • it applies to living a Jewish life that embraces prayer and mitzvoth
  • it stresses discernment — learning the role  G!D plays in one’s daily life

Through story, prayer, prayer texts, and spiritual memoirs, participants in the program will develop the tools required to provide support to individuals seeking to explore and/or enhance their spiritual relationship to G!d within a Jewish spiritual framework.

For biographies of current faculty, click here

The Spiritual Direction Program will be delivered online over a 12 – month period.

Assessment will occur through exercises, written assignments and ongoing chevruta and group discussions. One-on-one tutorials will be available as well as monthly conference calls, YouTube videos, podcasts and face-to-face Skype meetings. There will be a mandatory interview on intake, as well as one towards the end of your program.

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